Friday, March 9, 2012

Two in a row!!

Hey all!  I'm back on time and on schedule! 

Today's soap is:

Sandalwood Vanilla

This is a wonderful, sexy smelling soap that will be a treat every time you use it.
This is one of my most popular selling soaps, and you will find out why when you smell it!

Scented with sandalwood and vanilla fragrance oil, this is great for both men and women alike.  It's funny to see people at craft shows, the women pick up the bar because it stands out being red.  The push it into their husbands faces, say, "Smell this!"   The men, I haven't found one who doesn't say, "Wow, I love that!"  This is really one of my favorites!

I will be off this weekend skiing with the family, so I won't return until Monday night. 
Wishing all of you a very nice and enjoyable weekend!



  1. I love the colour and I love sandalwood ~ what a gorgeous looking soap :)

  2. Wonderful photos! You are clearly a talented photographer!! xo Jen

  3. Actually, my pictures of this soap and many others were taken by one of my friends, Brandi, who runs Sweet P.Photography. I'm not talented at taking pictures at all, lol!
    Thank you for the nice comments! I love this soap, it's really yummy smelling!