Thursday, March 29, 2012

Busy Day Soaping

Thought I would share with you all my big soaping day since I kinda went AWOL for a while....
I got going on soaping today considering I have a small town show to sell at the end of April.  I looked at my inventory and thought it might make sense to make a few batches. 
I ended up making Rosemary Mint, Sandalwood Vanilla, Oatmeal and lastly, Goatsmilk Oatmeal.

I started out chopping up some baby mint leaves that I had just harvested from my garden a few seconds before.

 I added to the pile some corsely grinded rosemary that I took out my aggression on in the mortel & pestle...

 I melted my oils in my big soap pot and added the lye mixture to it and started to stir...

 As soon as it came to a medium trace, I added the mint and ground rosemary to the pot, and also added in the rosemary and peppermint essential oils.  I love this part, it smells sooooooo good....

Here it is all nicely poured into the mold.  This particular mold holds 6 pounds of soap which makes 21 wonderfully grand bars.  They are about 5-6 ounces each. 

Although I didn't get beginning pictures of the next soaps, I did manage to get two of the Sandalwood Vanilla soaps in the mold.  By the time I got to the next batch, the light was going away and my list of to do's for the day was not getting any smaller, but the time surely was.

I will take some pictures of them tomorrow when I unmold them and when I cut them.  I love seeing other soapers' pictures of their soaps and how they are made, I hope you love seeing my soap pictures.


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  1. Hola Becca.
    Me han gustado mucho tus jabones se ven muy naturales.
    Muchas gracias por visitar mi blog.
    Un beso.