Thursday, February 16, 2012

Welcome Back!  Todays featured soap is...


Chamomile flowers have TONS of healing qualities when used both internally and externally. It has antiaging, anti-inflamitory and antiseptic benefits that cleanse pores and help with skin regeneration. It is also calming to the skin and helps with acne. To give this soap super chamomile benefits, I added a very strong steeping of the tea, added ground chamomile to the soap and topped it off with whole chamomile flowers. This soap is scented with a light, floral scent.

This soap is pretty enough to keep out on your guest bathroom soap dish, smells great, and is just a nice all-around soap.  

Tomorrow I will be back to showcase yet another soap from my line.  Please do come back and visit.  Feel free to comment is you have time!  Thanks!


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