Saturday, August 25, 2012

What's been going on?

I have been quite MIA this summer.  I guess the reason is because I have been super busy with the kids, job and everything else, I haven't had a great deal of time to actually post anything around here.  Well, the kids are back in school now, and I have a bit more time to get more posts written.  I worked this morning, but managed to get in a little bit of soaping done this afternoon.  First up is a brand-spanking new soap called Spiced Mocha. 
This soap has ground coffee and cinnamon added to a lovely base of skin loving palm, olive and coconut oils. It is richly scented with creamy milk, cardamom, cocoa, nutmeg, vanilla and Italian espresso.  I cannot wait to see this one cut, as I tried for the first time to do a pencil line with cinnamon between the dark and light sections.  I wanted it to look just like a cross section of a coffee with frothy milk on top.  We'll see tomorrow!  Keep your fingers crossed!

Next up was my tried and true Spa Bar with Clay.  I have made this a million times, and hopefully make it a million more.  I love this soap.  I ran completely out of it the other day, and now have to wait a month before this batch is cured.  :(

Doesn't this soap have kinda a magical look to it?  It started to gel right before
 I took the picture, and looks really awesome! 

In totally unrelated to soap news, I made pickles this past week with the abundant cucumbers that a member of the credit union that I work at gave me.  I make the refrigerator kind and don't bother canning them because my family eats them up so quickly.

Using the mandolin to slice them takes no time at all and I get that cool crinkle cut!  I think they stay put better in burgers with that little bit of added traction.  LOL!!!

Oh, and here is a picture of my begonia outside on my back porch.  I can't get anything to grow in pots, so I guess this must be the perfect growing spot for it.

Pretty, isn't it?
I hope to get some pictures of the soaps cut tomorrow, and posted.

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