Saturday, July 7, 2012

Soaps And Hedgehogs

I know I haven't been here lately.  We (the family) went on holiday to Italy for 2 weeks at the beginning of June. It was the second time we have gone there in two years and have fallen in love with almost everything about it.  The food, people, wine, places, history...I could go on and on about what we love about it, but not just yet.  Hopefully I can go through the 1700 pictures we took and post a few of them.....

I did finally get to some soap making today,
I decided on the Goatsmilk Calendula since my stock has run down to one bar!
The horrors! I need to have more!! 

I love how ultra moisturizing this soap is, everytime I use it I feel like I am pampering my skin
way more than I deserve.  I also love how beautiful this soap is in the mold, and I guess
out of the mold, too.  Raw soap, before it saponifies, is super pretty with that beautiful shiny top. 
I wish it stayed like that.

This past weekend I went through my stock and began to think about what I would like to make for the fall and Christmas season.  Planning out soaps is almost as fun as making them, in my opinion.  I think I picked out some AMAZING fragrance oils and essential oils, and have some pretty facinating ideas about types of soaps that I will carry for the fall shows that I do.  I can't wait to see the fedex man pulling up in front of my house with my packages!! 

Anyway, I have been working on a little project for my daughter that has nothing to do with soaps.  In Italy, she proclaimed that she is addicted to anything hedgehog related.  She bought 2 leather hedgehog keychains, one for her and one for her best friend, and told me that for her birthday she would like anything hedgehog.  Well, she goes away to camp for a week starting tomorrow, and what's the good-mom thing to do?  Send her a care package, that's what. 
Inside were some bars, candy, sour patch thingies, and this:

A knitted hedgehog!  How awesome!  She's goona love it!

How could she not? 

The cats seem to love it.....

I know, I'm weird, somebody please commit me.....



  1. Your soap is beautiful ~ I love calendula petals on top. Cute hedgehog too! :)

  2. Beautiful soap! I adore calendula in soap too; it makes the soap so rich.
    Your hedgehog is so sweet!